Sunday, April 19, 2009


I headed to Dublin on March 20th, 2009. I went with a few of my fellow University students on the short trip to Ireland. We stayed near the Temple Bar area at a very nice hostel called the Four Courts Hostel. I had many firsts on this trip, my first good hamburger (I don’t eat much meat but the burgers in Europe aren’t to my standards). I tried my first Guinness, and I loved it! I had my first viewing of Irish men wrestling on the floor of my hostel at 3 am when I am trying to get some rest. I was able to visit Meath and Newgrange… A burial tomb that is older than the pyramids. Ireland was a busy city, full of TAXI’s which was very strange. I was able to see Trinity College as well as Dublin Castle both were very cool to walk around and observe. We as a group realized we were in Dublin when the Rugby Grand Slam Tournament was happening. Ireland is exceptional at Rugby and was playing in the tournament undefeated, if they won the last match they would be the champions as well as undefeated and this had not happened in 61 years. Turns out that Ireland won and Dublin was in complete celebration all night! It was epic to watch and be apart of. We made a small train ride adventure to the neighboring village of Howth which is a port on the coast of Ireland outside of Dublin, it was beautiful. I ate fish and chips while watching the seals and the sun set. Ireland was a great trip to follow up from my Spring Break in Rome.

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