Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Trip to Wine Country

We woke early to head North to Siena, Italy. It’s a sister town of Florence. We were meeting a guide and driver to take us into the wine country of Tuscany where Siena and Montalcino is located. We had to take a train for a few hours to get to Siena. The train ride was spent resting everyone was still adjusting to the time change, and I was recovering from the night before out at the clubs. We were heading to Montalcino a small village where Fanti Winery was, to explore and get a better idea of how the Brunello wines are made. Everything was turning green, the hills were filled with the vine lines where the grapes grow and the small villages were so small and quaint. As we arrived we were taken on a tour of the wine vineyard as well as explained the process of the wine and how Fanti run’s the place. It was really interesting. Then we had the opportunity to taste all the wines, which was such a fun and informational experience. I have loved and learned about Brunello wines! It was the perfect day trip from Rome. Tuscany is a beautiful area.

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