Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

As all of you have herd the weather is wet, cool, and very little sunshine. Today, I woke up to a little sprinkle and of course a grey lonely skyline. I had planned to go riding around Leiden as well as try and capture some of my photography assignments, but it was raining and I am not going to risk water damage to my "loaned" slr digital camera, Thanks mom for sending it.

Well I waited a few hours and it is still wet and rainy. There is a fort in the middle of the city of Leiden that I have been meaning to check out but every chance I have gotten it is raining! I just hope that I can explore Leiden and take more photos for everyone. I may just take out my point and shoot and scope out my shots that I want to get.

Not much more to say around here. I will keep writing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cooking...Im eating like a king!

I am becoming a great cook. I made tonight a white Alfredo sauce with fresh crab meat plated on top of freshly made spinach pasta. Then I sided the dish with sauteed veggies. It was delicious. I also was able to sample some sauteed prawns, from chef Ross. Along with various Turkish samples such as, hummus, stuffed cheese peppers, and baklava from Libya. Alyssa says I am eating like a king! Love you all!