Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Night in Rome & Ancient Rome

While the three world travelers got their sleep, post traveling for 24 hours and seeing an afternoon in Rome, I left the family to rest. I had friends from my University in Holland as well as a new found friend in the city to go exploring the night life of Rome! I met with my new found friend, Stefano and we ventured out to the center of the city. I saw the center first by night, it was fantastic. The hustle of the traffic, walking on ancient cobble stone, and exploring the unfamiliar city was so exhilarating for me. I saw the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele at night and it took my breath away.

Following this, I wanted to get a better view of the city and I was taken to the Piazza del Popolo, where I hiked up a hill to an observation deck that looked out over all of Rome. The view at night was so amazing, I thought I was dreaming. Stefano and I stayed up there to talk for a few hours. I asked so many questions about the city and living in Italy as well as about him. It was great; I was where I had dreamed of all my life…ROME!!! The spectacular view was great but the temperature dropped and that was the kicker for me, it was time to go have some drinks and see the night scene in Rome. We headed to a favorite club of Stefano. Gilda is the club we went to. It looks very similar to the Club used in Scar Face the movie. It was a fun night. I really enjoyed seeing the night scene in Rome.

That day we decided to dedicate our exploring to seeing Ancient Rome. First we wanted to get something to eat. We trusted in the Europe on a Budget guide book I have been using to travel around Europe with. It suggested a restaurant near the Colosseum called Luzzi, “This neighborhood favorite near the Colosseum, with plenty of outdoor tables, is a fun, raucous place to sample an extensive range of pizza and pasta dishes, plus mainly meaty mains. (pg.674)” This place stands up to its name and description. We were there right at lunch time and had to wait a moment for a table outside but were able to get one out on the terrace. The menu was extensive and each of us found something to eat that was delicious. There were many people out with dogs and surprisingly the restaurant has a pet pig that does tricks! It was a fun meal and a great atmosphere. Then it was off to the Colosseum, when I visited the Colosseum I felt this heavy presence, it was one of the oldest things I had been to in person! It was unbelievable. We took a personal tour of the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. The city of Ancient Rome was a site, the weather was perfect and seeing the old buildings was so amazing.

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